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Dear EZAutomation Valued Customer,

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, literally tens of thousands of you, who have made it possible for EZAutomation.net to become one of the leading manufacturers and online distributors of innovative low cost automation products Made in America. Our growth over the past 16 years is due to your continued support and creative ideas that allow us to come out with “one of a kind” type products with features that improve overall efficiency of your plant and machines.

Over the past couple years, our EZAutomation research & development team, located in the same Bettendorf, Iowa manufacturing plant, has been extremely busy designing state of the art automation control products based on our market research and your direct feedback. We are excited to announce over 10 new product lines in this catalog along with some new additions to our existing product offering. To name a few of our most recent innovations, we have a completely new line of PLCs, the EZRack PLC, our first heavy duty rack mount PLC with a fast and powerful CPU at ½ the cost of comparable PLCs available in the market! We have also introduced the EZTouch I/O product line that is a smart HMI with local PLC and I/O capabilities, but can also simultaneously communicate to existing PLCs in the plant. Then there is the new EZiMarquee that is unlike any other LED message display out there. It can act as a master or slave device that can read, store and display critical plant alarms and messages automatically without the need of changing any ladder logic. Finally we have branched out to include DC Din-Rail Power Supplies, Time Delay Relays, Control Transformers, Industrial Panel PCs, Sensors and Encoders.

In addition to growing into a “one-stop shop” for all your automation needs, our focus is to offer our customers those features that reduce the total cost of ownership, from not only a very attractive initial purchase price, but on-going operational costs as well. Hence, when you look at these new products, you will notice very unique features that solve customer “struggles” with existing products available in the marketplace.

As you might also notice, we have spent a significant amount of energy in the last year updating our website to make your search and purchase process faster and EZier. We have added product feature videos, “EZEducation video tutorials, programming examples, and also more detailed competitive analysis so all the documenation is at your fingertips.

With your continued feedback and support, we will continue to innovate and break many price barriers. As our government prepares to impose higher tariffs on “Made in China” products, we hope more and more customers like yourself push to utilize “Made in America”. With the future of American manufacturing, U.S machine builders and Enduser plants will stop worrying about “cheap Chinese imports undercutting them” and instead grow and focus on what we Americans do best: Innovate.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We are committed to continuously improve upon all facets of our business, from engineering, design, production, quality, customer service and technical support, and very much seek your feedback. Please do not hesitate to email your suggestions to sales@ezautomation.net.

Thank you,
Vikram Kumar