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HMI and Operator Interface Quick Links
EZTouch (Original)
4” $299
5.1" $399
6” $799

8” $1049
10” $1699

EZWindows HMI
10” $1899
15” $2499
EZTouch EZ3 Series
6” $549
7" (Wide Screen) $429
8” $949
10” $1199

EZTouch Plus
15" $1799

EZTouch EZ12 Series
6" $649
7" (Wide Screen) $529
8" $1049
10” $1299

EZSunlight Series
6" $999
10" $2299

EZWindows HMI Accessories
Image Part Number Particulars
EZ-BAT Price: 22.00
Description: Replacement 1/2 AA, 3.6 volt lithium battery for RAM backup
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-BAT
EZ-MINIWIFI Price: 49.00
Description: Tiny EZ-miniWifi, less than 0.5" Deep, plugs into RS232 port, connects laptop to the EZTouch based HMI or EZTouchPLC from 50 ft away.
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-MINIWIFI
EZPPS-60W Price: 89.00
Description: 24VDC, 60W, 2.5A, 85-264 VAC Universal Input, 3-digit LED for Voltage or Maintenance Timer display, 2-digit LED for Current display, Programmable Current Limit, Adjustable Voltage, Din Mount, NEC Class 2 Industrial Power Supply
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZPPS-60W
EZ-WIFI Price: 99.00
Description: Wifi Module with Standard 9-Pin DB9 connector for use with EZTouch, EZTouch I/O, EZPLC and EZLogix
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-WIFI
EZTouch-Editor Price: 119.00
Description: Programming Software (v2.0) CD for all EZTouch, EZTouch I/O, and EZSoftHMI products. Development of HMI Screens for EZTouch and EZSoftHMI and Development of HMI screens and PLC Ladder logic for EZTouch I/O.
To purchase downloadable version only, no CD, click here.
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZTouch-Editor