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Quick Insert EZ I/O Cables and High Current Relay Modules

EZLink Cables and DIN mounted plug-in and removable terminal blocks are offered for applications where bigger and/or more accessible terminal blocks are needed for wiring.

Another DIN mounted terminal block is offered with plug-in and removable connectors, LED indicators and eight 10 Amp 1 Form C Relays with common and NO and NC contacts.

EZ Link Prcing
Image Part Number Particulars
EZ-LINK-CBL Price: 29.00
Description: 3' Expansion Board Cable
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-LINK-CBL
EZ-LINK-EXT Price: 39.00
Description: 11-pin Extender Board
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-LINK-EXT
EZ-LINK-RLY Price: 89.00
Description: 8 of 10 Amp Relays 1 Form C Expansion Board
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