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EZ TouchPLC Micro

EZTouch I/O Micro Feature Comparison
Feature EZAutomation
6" EZTouch I/O MicroTM
v570 HMI PLC
HMI 5.7” White LED Touch Panel 5.7” White LED Touch Panel
Display 400 Nits White LED TFT, 75000 Hrs @ 55°C 280 Nits White LED TFT, 50000 Hrs @ 50°C
Data Logging Stored in USB, Remotely accessible thru Modem None
PLC 24 DC In, 8 DC Out, 8 Relay Out with
NO/NC 10 Amp contacts
24 DC In 8 Relay Out, 5 Amp contacts
PLC Category High-end PLC with Advanced Math Basic PLC
Counter Inputs 2 inputs can be configured to accept 20 KHz signals 2 inputs can accept 5 KHz Signals
Panel Space Integrated All-in-One HMI and PLC
reduces panel space by 40%
Separate HMI, PLC and cables
increase panel space by 40%
Price $949 $750 (HMI) + $604(PLC & Cable) = $1354